The Swindon Town Community Mutual ( Swindon Town Supporters Trust) is a democratic, not for profit organisation with a key aim of securing representation and strengthening the links between the football club and the community.

The Swindon Town Community Mutual is registered by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Number 29254R

The group of people that the society benefits includes the community for which the football club serves . This includes supporters in both the Town of Swindon and further afield from whence it’s support is derived.

The current Trust board comprises of the following people :

Honorary Officers

  1. Steve Mytton  – Chairman
  2. Mike Welsh – Vice Chairman
  3. Cliff Ponting – Secretary
  4. Alan Jones  – Treasurer

Board Members

  1. Simon Cowley
  2. Matt Davies
  3. John Ward
  4. Jo Harding
  5. Bryan Hodder
  6. Sam Morshead
  7. James Phipps

Trust Officers