Married with two little kids and a Town fan since about 1977 after his Dad took him to his first game. Partial to a Kit-Kat or two.


Why Swindon?
I’ve been a Town fan as long as I can remember. My earliest memory is a 1-0 win against Chester City, Chic Bates scoring the winner.

The best memory from those early days was the 4-3 FA Cup win over Arsenal, fantastic – still got the newspaper clippings in the attic.  Since then we’ve had Chris Kamara performing leaping tackles, Dave Bamber and his majestic gangling legs and Lou Macari’s fantastic achievements (I remember sneaking into the Executive bar as a kid and asking him to stay on at the club).

There was the classic Shearer and White combination and the more recent rise to prominence of both Sammy Parkin and Charlie Austin.  Of course there have also been many play-off victories and heartbreaks, and many crazy moments. Before my kids came along, I also used to do a fair amount of away travel too.”

Favourite Swindon moment?
There are too many favourite moments, but one of the best was when Charlie Henry scored against Gillingham in the 1987 play-offs. I still have a cassette recording of the Vic Morgan radio commentary somewhere, which was amazing!”

Why are you involved with the trust?
“I want to see the Club and Community working together a lot more – Football Clubs are nothing without a passionate fanbase, and we’re not connecting with the massive population of Swindon, I know things can be better. We also need the stadium and surrounding area to be updated and I believe the Trust can play a huge part in making that finally happen.”

What is your role?
“I’m a Project Manager by trade and have a busy schedule, but I’m very organised and I’m  totally committed to improving the Trust, helping grow it’s membership and overall influence.

We’ve done some good things in the last couple of years, but there is still much more to do, and my job is to drive through our initiatives to completion, so that we can achieve our Trust Vision.

Ultimately, what would you like the Trust to achieve?

“I want to see the Red Army Fund fully established and generating a significant amount every year. We’ve seen struggles in the past, and we need to be ready for anything. In the meantime, we can use the funds raised to improve the Club in our own way. As supporters there is so much we can do – if we work together. If we each contribute a little bit on a Monthly basis, we can achieve great things.”

Please do your bit and Join The Trust today!

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