Board member and former Chair, John has been a London-based Swindon supporter since fate took him to the League Cup semi-final replay against Burnley in December 1968. The infatuation has continued ever since.

Me with partner, who thinks I’m mad but gets interested if we reach the play-offs!

Why Swindon?
“As the old Frenchman in South Pacific said about love affairs “Fools can’t explain it, wise men never try”. If I attempt to rationalise, it’s because almost continuously since that magical night against Burnley, Swindon teams have tried to play what Danny Blanchflower termed “the glory game”, instead of ‘trying to win by boring the other team off the park’.”

Favourite Swindon moment: 
“Charlie Austin’s goal at Southampton, when he stroked the ball round one side of the goal keeper and himself went round the other before slotting it calmly in the net.”

Why am I involved in the Trust?
“I became enraged by the conduct of the board and its adviser, Mike Diamandis, and joined the Trust when it campaigned to replace them with Bill Power.  When the Andrew Fitton consortium took over I applauded their aim of running our football club on a break even basis as an integral part of the local community.  When most of the Trust board decided that this was the moment to return to their lives, jobs and families nobody else wanted to be Chair so I agreed to help out.”

What is your role?
“The turbulence surrounding STFC following Andrew Black’s withdrawal of financial support has made it more important than ever to have an active, campaigning body representing supporters.  In my view it is essential for the Chair to be Swindon-based so I was delighted when Steve agreed to take over.  I am happy to remain on the board if my colleagues and members so wish.  In a previous job as a trade union official representing top civil servants I negotiated with Prime Minister Thatcher, so I have experience of dealing with individuals in powerful positions like football club chairmen.”

Ultimately what would you like the Trust to achieve?
“Players, managers and owners come and go.  Even with a generous benefactor as owner, if they exit hurriedly like Andrew Black, things can go pear-shaped.  It is only the fans who are a permanent fixture and clubs will never achieve long-term stability until substantially owned by their supporters, as in Germany.  This is a long term goal but we can make a start by building up the Trust and working with our colleagues in the Supporters Club.