Board Member

I have the sense of humour of a 5 year old, probably why my youngest daughter and I get on so well.

Why Swindon?
Born here and first football memory going to watch Swindon. Love at first sight, as they say.”

Favourite Swindon moment?
Under Evans rule, going to Reading where we won and watching Razor Ruddock pull his pants down at the Reading fans and the police wandering why a mini riot had started…..”

Why are you involved with the trust?
“Any club is about the fans, the club has had many owners and many challenges but the fans remain and we need to ensure the fans have a strong voice.”

What is your role?
“Business Partnerships – the trust is a professional organisation and the more it engages with businesses, creates partnerships and local links the better.”

How would you like to see the Red Army Fund being used?
“To build it up for significant projects to recognise the club’s legacy – statues for example.”

Ultimately, what would you like the Trust to achieve?

“Majority fan ownership of the club, not due to current owner just my preference for clubs – full stop.”

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