Board Member

60, a semi-retired teacher, and a father to eight year-old Kathleen who, like her dad, is a season ticket holder. My first match was an FA Cup tie against West Ham – Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst, Martin Peters and all – in January 1967. I still remember the blind panic as I was pushed through the turnstile at the Stratton Bank end and turned round to find that they had closed it with my dad still on the outside! A season ticket holder for over thirty years, I attended all five Wembley finals.


Why Swindon?
“Born and bred in Malmesbury, Swindon was the nearest Football League club and so the natural one to support. There is never a dull moment supporting Swindon. Not for them mid-table mediocrity; they always seem to be pushing for promotion, fighting relegation or, in the past, having great cup runs.”

Favourite Swindon moment?
“There are too many to single one out. The three victories at the old Wembley of course. Kenny Stroud’s brilliant long-range strike against Everton in the FA Cup in 1977. Trevor Anderson’s swivel of the hips on the touchline in a cup-tie against Fulham that left George Best for dead and caused the whole Shrivenham Road stand to erupt. Don Rogers in an away game at Millwall running diagonally the length of the pitch, playing one-two’s as he went and then rounding the keeper to score, with the home fans around me asking why he wasn’t playing for England. Glenn Hoddle, in an away game at Plymouth, on the edge of the Swindon box exchanging passes with each full-back in turn for what seemed several minutes, while the opposing centre forward looked on, afraid to attempt a tackle because he knew Glenn would make him look silly. Hoddle’s side coming back from 4-1 down to win 6-4 at Birmingham is another wonderful memory. And so the list goes on.”

Why are you involved with the trust?
“Recent years have shown how quickly a football club which appears to be financially stable can suddenly find itself vulnerable and at the mercy of investors whose agenda is unclear and who fans know little about. Owners come and go but the fans remain and it is important that their voice is heard and their interests are protected. As a lifelong fan I care deeply about Swindon Town. I became a life member of the Trust at its inception and, with the extra time that semi-retirement now gives me, I was happy to join the Board when asked to do so.”

What is your role?
“Living in Tetbury, I am one of a significant number of Swindon fans who live outside the town and, therefore, I am keen to ensure that their interests are not forgotten when it comes to issues such as communication and ticketing of cup-ties. My role involves recruiting and representing those Swindon fans that live outside the Borough as well as helping out with all Trust activities wherever I can.”

How would you like to see the Red Army Fund being used?
“The long-term plan is to get a roof on Stratton Bank, under which we can provide designated areas for families and away fans. As a prelude to this we need to provide new toilets. Providing better access to the County Ground for disabled supporters, so that they are not restricted to ground level, is also important.”

Ultimately, what would you like the Trust to achieve?

“In the short-term I would like to see the Trust membership grow to such an extent that consultation with the Trust, as the fans’ representative, becomes an integral part of major decision-making within the football Club. In the long-term I would like to see the Trust secure majority, if not complete, ownership of the Club.”

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