Trust Officer

Travel and tech addict, with a major dislike for cold weather (which limits trips to The County Ground to the start and end of the footballing season!)

Why Swindon?
“I was born a bred in Swindon, and have lived in and around the town all my life. Although I’m half-Scottish with a rather large affinity for Rangers (let’s not talk about that right now), I’ve been going to Swindon games for as long as I can remember.

My Dad and Uncle used to own their own printing businesses, and back in the ‘90s donated some car stickers to the Club which read ‘I’ve stuck with the Robins through thick and thin’ – I guess I took that on board and have followed that way of thinking without much choice ever since.”

Favourite Swindon moment?“
“My very own season ticket for my 13th Birthday was pretty special, but my favourite moment will always be that Guiliano Grazioli goal against Cambridge United. I was at the game that day, and I can replay it very clearly.””

Why are you involved with the trust?
“Steve Mytton approached me in the summer of 2015 to see whether I’d be open to a role with the Trust. His infectious approach to the football club, the Trust, and also the local community made the decision an easy one. Having ‘stuck with the Robins through thick & thin’ it’s now great to be able to have some involvement in what’s going on in and around the Trust and local community – for me, these two elements will be around for a very long time; much longer than players, managers, and owners.”

What is your role?
“The Trust tasked me with helping them to gain as much potential from their digital presence as possible. My primary role is to ensure the Facebook page for the Trust is being optimised, and we’re also looking at ways in which we can develop this online community further and link up the offline & online in a far more sophisticated way. I meet frequently with Steve to share insights and help to scope/sound-out some of his ideas, and how best to bring them to life in the online world.”

How would you like to see the Red Army Fund being used?
“There’s no straight-forward answer, as there are plenty of projects and initiatives I’d like to see take off from the Red Army Fund. The regeneration and roof-building of the Stratton Bank are huge projects which can deliver in the long-term for the Club, but I believe the real legacy will be in initiatives which utilise local schools and the younger generations. ‘Trust In Schools’ is a no-brainer for me.”

Ultimately, what would you like the Trust to achieve?

“The Trust has set a very clear and achievable mandate on its vision for the future and what it would like to deliver for the local community – if we can deliver just a small element of this, I’ll be thrilled. As a supporter, however, it would be great for there to be some form of fan ownership or board representation at some stage.”

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