Someone who really should get out more!

Why Swindon?
Who else?!! I live 5 mins walk from the football club. It is my local team. My first game was in ’82, and I joined the Junior Robins in Oct ’84, and I haven’t missed a home game since.”

Favourite Swindon moment?
There’s too many to mention. Obviously getting to the Premier League by winning at Wembley in ’93, and the other Play-off wins in ’87 and ’90 are also up there with the title wins in ’86, ’96 and 2012, but I’m going left field with Danny Invincibile’s last-minute winner against Peterborough, which helped keep us up in 2001. You just knew as soon as he scored we were safe even though Rovers had games in hand”

Why are you involved with the trust?
I got involved in February 2004, when they needed someone to do the accounts and be Treasurer. As I work in Finance, I was put forward, and I’ve been in the role even since.”

What is your role?
As Treasurer, I look after the bank accounts, do the annual accounts and keep the Trust in a solvent position. I worked at BCA for 13 years in the Treasury dept, with the last couple of years running the section, so I’m used to doing this.”

How would you like to see the Red Army Fund being used?
“The ultimate plan is to get a roof on Stratton Bank, which various chairmen have promised in the past, but we should try improve the fan experience, and especially get kids coming to the CG on a regular basis. I regularly started coming as a Junior Robin at 50p a game, and if we could do something similar for the youth of Swindon, we might be able to convert a number into regular supporters.”

Ultimately, what would you like the Trust to achieve?
“I suppose the ultimate achievement is to get fans representation on the board at STFC.”

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